Lonely electrician Mark wants to re-connect with his lost family unit, but he knows to achieve this it means re-opening doors to his past he has tried hard to get away from.
The key to achieving his goal could also be his undoing and he must decide fast if he is willing to take that risk.

‘Electrician’ is an independent British feature length film.

This is the debut feature film by English filmmaker Steve Conway
which he wrote, Directed, shot and edited.

Top Indie Film Awards (Tokyo, Japan) 2020:

  • Winner Best Feature Film
  • Winner Best Music
  • Nominee Best Director
  • Nominee Best Cinematography
  • Nominee Best Editing


New York Movie Awards 2020:

  • Winner Best Director Feature Film
  • Finalist Best Cinematography


Florence Film Awards 2020:

  • Awarded Honorable Mention Best Director Feature Film
  • Awarded Honorable Mention Best Editing
  • Finalist Best Cinematography
  • Finalist Best Original Score
  • Finalist Best Actor


Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Festival 2020:

  • Official Selection Best Feature Film


Hollywood Gold Awards 2020:

  • Awarded Silver Best Feature Film
  • Finalist Best Cinematography


New York Cinematography Awards 2020:

  • Semi Finalist Best Feature Film Cinematography
  • Semi Finalist Best Original Score
  • Semi Finalist Best Film Poster


European Cinematography Awards 2020:

  • Semi Finalist Best Feature Film


AltFF Alternative Film Festival Summer 2020 (Canada):

  • Semi Finalist Best Actor
  • Semi Finalist Best Poster


American Golden Picture International Film Festival 2020:

  • Awarded Honorable Mention Best Poster
  • Official Selection Best Original Music


Ten Electrician Film Facts

1 – Apart from one person the entire cast consists of non-actors.

2 – The origins of ‘Electrician’ go back to a short film Steve Conway wrote/made in 2010.¬†Also about an electrician.

3 – Principle filming of Electrician finished at the end of 2018.

4 – The film has a completely original soundtrack created by musician Hannah Holland.

5 – ‘Electrician’ the feature film took five years to make.
Pre production started in 2015 with completion in 2020.
To get shots done Steve would meet up with Rory Farrelly who plays the lead character ‘Mark’ either before or after a working day, at weekends or any other free time available.

6 – Steve Conway stopped making any other films while making ‘Electrician’. This is his debut feature film.

7 – Four of the original cast from the short film go on to appear in ‘Electrician’ feature film.

8 – To earn an income during the period of making the film Steve worked with real electricians, assisting them on construction sites. This also helped with him knowing how to create authenticity of the film.

9 – The poster was designed and created by artist Dominic Hailstone whose credits also include ‘Alien: Covenant’, ‘Possum’ and ‘The Eel’.

10 – ‘Electrician’ is a totally independently made film.
No studio financing, grants or film funding bodies were involved.