Creative Consultant

Available to be hired as a creative consultant.

Indie Filmmakers

Steve’s unique experience of completing an independent feature film without having a budget and outside of the conventional filmmaking system, ‘Electrician’ (2020)from initial idea through to an award-winning film that is available on Prime video and broadcast on U.K television has enabled him to be able to offer a vast insight, advice and also him wanting to help other passionate indie filmmakers who might be considering taking on or who are currently taking on a similar project. 

Most notably advice on areas that cover getting the film made.

Areas such as but certainly not limited to story, script, pre-production, casting and working with non-actors, shooting, adding production value, the edit and also other important aspects that should be addressed much prior to a film’s completion.

Videos For Businesses

Alternatively you may be a business that is about to invest a large amount of money into having an online video made to promote your services or equally you do not have a large amount of money to spend on this. You may find it very beneficial to first discuss this project in more detail prior to commencing with it. 

Along with a feature film Steve’s background also includes an award-winning documentary film, interviews of people from various backgrounds and advertising and promo videos. He is also behind online content creators Squirrel Head Media.

To first go over things such as but not limited to the best and most practical way to have your video made based on your budget, your circumstances and the ultimate goals you want to achieve with the video.

To also discuss what is the right type of video for you and it is appropriate to how you want to present your business to your audience, as well as other options in areas you may not of considered yet.

Book a Consultation

The consultations take place online via Zoom by the hour. In some instances other options are available, such as in person, by the day or on the entirety of a project, but this is decided accordingly later on.

Please use this specific contact form below to send a request for a consultation.