Creative Consultant

After more than ten years of producing content, including a feature film, short documentaries, advertising campaigns, interviews, promo videos and also stills photography, I would like to now help others in an advisory role. Others who can benefit from my experience who also want to create similar content, to do this I am now offering my services as a creative consultant.

Indie Filmmakers

You could say I have some unique experience from completing an independent feature film without having a budget and outside of the more conventional filmmaking system. I wrote, directed, shot, edited and produced ‘Electrician’ (2020), taking it from an initial idea and seeing it through to an award-winning film that is now available on Prime video and due to be broadcast on UK television, to date. This has enabled me to offer a vast insight, advice and also very much wanting to help other passionate indie filmmakers who might be considering taking on or who are currently taking on a similar project. Focusing in on areas that primarily cover getting the film made. Areas such as but certainly not limited to a feasible story and script, the preparation, casting, working with non-actors, filming, finding production value, editing and other important aspects that should be addressed much prior to a film’s completion or even before commencing. Maybe even discussing how to salvage a project that you have already started and is not going as you had hoped.

Videos For Businesses

You are a business that is about to invest a significant amount of money and time into having an online video made to promote what you do or equally you do not have a large amount of money to spend on this. For many reasons it could be very beneficial for you to first discuss this project in more detail prior to commencing with it and not walk away at the end of it feeling disappointed. I can discuss and advise, based on the relevant experience I have with video production, primarily in directing, shooting, editing and writing, on such things as but certainly not limited to the type of video best suited for you and your target audience, how the final video should look including ways of shooting and editing it including possible ways to adding higher production value, preparation, other options that you may not have considered yet that could save you time and money, concept ideas and making sure that you are getting the most efficiency for your final video. Or you may already find yourself halfway through a project that is not going as you hoped and you need to now discuss the best ways to turn things around quickly.

Book a Consultation

The consultations can take place online via Zoom, with a voice telephone call (UK only), WhatsApp or FaceTime. Consultation duration times available are currently only 1hr (£90) and 90mins (£120). In some instances other options are available such as in person, by the day or through the entirety of a project, but this is decided accordingly later on.

Please use this specific contact form below only to send a request for a consultation.