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Indie Filmmakers

You could say I have unique experience, having completed an independent feature film without a budget and outside of the more conventional filmmaking environment. I made ‘Electrician’ (2020), from an initial idea and saw it through to an award-winning film. It is now available on Prime video in multiple countries and has been broadcast several times on UK television. With the insights gained through this experience alone, I very much want to help other passionate indie filmmakers who might be currently involved in, or considering taking on, a similar project. The primary focus is on getting the film made and to this end the areas in which I can offer advice include, but are not limited to, the preparation, equipment, writing, directing, cinematography, casting, working with non-actors, locations, finding production value, editing and post-production. In addition, I can advise on the things to avoid, how to remove needless hurdles and many other very important points to address throughout the filmmaking process.



The services I offer are not aimed exclusively at filmmakers. If your business is considering having an online video made to promote what you do, whether you have the funds and time to spend on this, there are many important reasons why it could be very beneficial to discuss the project in more detail prior to going ahead with it. Just some of the important aspects I can advise on are correct preparation, equipment, making the most efficient use of limited time, the creative process, things to avoid, connecting with your target audience, addressing budget limitations, adding production value, cinematography, editing and the final delivery.

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They take place online via a video or voice call. In some instances other options are available such as in person, by the day or throughout the entirety of a project, but this is decided accordingly later on and the fee may differ.

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