Consultation Projects

“I felt hesitant and unconfident to make a film but having Steve by my side I didn’t need to feel like this. He was very easy to get along with and came with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I am totally made up on what the final outcome has been and how well we worked together on this project. My plan with the film after it was made was to enter into film festivals and I’ve already been nominated for awards. I would recommend him all day long. Looking forward to working with him on the second short film”. – Keeley Gainey, Writer/Director/Exec Producer ‘The Unexpected Expectant Father’, 2022.

From initial contact with Steve to completion of the short film ‘The Unexpected Expectant Father’ took eight weeks to complete. This is the debut short film for its writer/director, after many years of wanting to make one but unable to do so for various reasons, such as other life commitments and a massive hesitation of taking on such a project, believing a large crew of people was needed to make it happen. Areas of consultation advised on this project were script development, equipment, organisation, finding production value, pre-production, working with non-actors, post-production and long-term goals with the short after completion. Steve was also brought in to be on set during the shoot to act as creative consultant to the director. The short is currently on the festival circuit, it has won two awards and been nominated for another two. Notably it received official selection and was screened at The Earls Court International Film Festival, a renowned festival in London, where it also won the producers choice film award. The writer/director is already lining up her second project.